You must go to your Ordering Builder and select the Ordering Web to open the App Menu.

Go to the Search and replace section, later to the "SEARCH AND REPLACE" tab.

In the search and replace section you must follow these steps.
1.- Add title for the customization
I recommend a descriptive name, Ex: percentage to rate
2.- Put the file to edit: js/controllers.js
3.- Add this code to search:
$scope.driverTipsList = [
                { text: DRIVER_TIPS.tip_1+"%", value:($scope.totalPrice * (DRIVER_TIPS.tip_1/100)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: DRIVER_TIPS.tip_2+"%", value:($scope.totalPrice * (DRIVER_TIPS.tip_2/100)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: DRIVER_TIPS.tip_3+"%", value:($scope.totalPrice * (DRIVER_TIPS.tip_3/100)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: DRIVER_TIPS.tip_4+"%", value:($scope.totalPrice * (DRIVER_TIPS.tip_4/100)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: DRIVER_TIPS.tip_5+"%", value:($scope.totalPrice * (DRIVER_TIPS.tip_5/100)).toFixed(2)}
4.- Add this code to replace:
$scope.driverTipsList = [
                { text: "$"+DRIVER_TIPS.tip_1, value:((DRIVER_TIPS.tip_1)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: "$"+DRIVER_TIPS.tip_2, value:((DRIVER_TIPS.tip_2)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: "$"+DRIVER_TIPS.tip_3, value:((DRIVER_TIPS.tip_3)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: "$"+DRIVER_TIPS.tip_4, value:((DRIVER_TIPS.tip_4)).toFixed(2)},
                { text: "$"+DRIVER_TIPS.tip_5, value:((DRIVER_TIPS.tip_5)).toFixed(2)}
5.- Save and Update.

6.- Build the site and see the result

You can change the numbers in the Ordering Web setting

Have a nice ordering

Regards, Marcos Beltran
Support Expert

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