In this article, we explain to you how to add an integration. In this example, we are adding LiveChat integration.

1.- Go to this link ( ) to see all integrations available for your website.

2.- In this area, you can see all integration that you may be interested in adding to your site. Scroll down to see more then click on the logo of the desired integration to go to the official integration website, once be there create and account and pay for the integration for the provider.

3.- In your builder at your web application go to "settings" and then select "Third-party" tab.

4.- Your integration provider gives you the code to add to your website. Your provider should specify where to paste the code. In this example, LiveChat specifies us that his code should be at the end of the <body> tag. For that reason, we add this code into "Code on <body> end" field.

5.- Click to save the changes to your website.

6.- You need to rebuild your web app to apply changes.

7.- Go to your website to see the integration working.

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