1.- This tab redirect to the builder home page.

2.- This tab shows a list of your apps and web pages that you have.

3.- This tab is a link to your dashboard. You can find more info about your dashboard here or in more articles.

4.- This tab is a link to your billing portal that you'll have access to this page when you make your first purchase.

5.- This tab is a link to our support page where you can consult our knowledge base, send tickets, contact us and more.

6.- Clicking on this you can log out to your account or manage your profile.

      6.1. Here you can set your name.

      6.2. This field shows your e-mail address and cannot change it.

      6.3. Here you can configure the password to your builder.

      6.4. Click to save changes to your account, to exit from this page you can click at any of the tabs from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

7.- Every product you have will appear in a box with the id of your product, the name, the version, the package, and description.

8.- Click here to go to edit application mode.

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