On this Article we will explain you What, How, When & Why you should give One-Click Updates a try, instead of Uploading your Apps for review every-time you make a small or big change on your Apps, just click one button to Deploy the changes to your customers in real time.


We have been working hard to get this up and running perfectly in order to give you the best user experience and you do the same with all your customers.

One-Click Updates is a quick and smart way to push the latest Ordering products changes to your customers. You can also change settings, extensions, images, custom files, or even code with our search and replace functionality. If you have changed icons or splash screens you need to build again the apps and resubmit on the Appstore and Google Play.
*All test apps have One-Click Updates enabled by default so that you can see real time updates.


Anytime you need to use this 👍.
We have included free One-Click Updates for your test apps and if you want One-Click Updates for your published Apps, please create an Ionic Pro account on https://dashboard.ionicframework.com/signup.

We recommend you to get the Starter package if you have less than 100 Live Updates in your Apps and it's free, if you have questions about their pricing, please check pricing.

How to Sign Up to get my Pro Ionic Account?

1.- Please visit this url https://dashboard.ionicframework.com/signup , if you have already an account, simply log in.

2.- Fill up this information, at the time you click on sign up, these fields will pop up, just complete the form and you'll get started with IONIC PRO.


3.- You are ready to go 👍 - all is set for you to start using iONIC Pro.


Start focusing on growing your business, don't worry about uploading your apps on any small changes anymore, no wait times or app rejections with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

One-Click Updates is going to give you the chance to just click 1 button and show all your customers the latest version of the Apps that you have.

Deploy One-Click updates.

Step 1
Setup your Ionic Pro credentials on the Build Apps section.

Step 2
You'll find this feature inside your Ordering Builder, in your side bar there is a option called "One-Click Updates", once you click on it, a few options will show.

After you do any changes on your App, you can test deploy to see the changes in your Apps without reading a QR or downloading the App again.

You can also select to which version you want to deploy the changes. You can select the test or published version on your Appstore account or Google Play Store account that you want to update.

⚠️Important: The Base version of the app must be the same as the one you have installed in your Phone.

That's it
Instant Updates - Just one click.

Take a look at this videos - You'll be amazed.

Some changes on the builder

Instant updates on the Apps (Works for iOS and Android Apps)

Frequently Asked questions

Do I need to Build again my apps and submit my apps this last time?
Yes, this is the last time that you will need to resubmit your apps to the App Store and Google play. After you submit any app after our one click updates release on app v3.17.0, you will be able to use the One-Click update feature.

What are the limits of the One-Click updates?
If you want to change the app icon, splash screen or config.xml you would require to resubmit your apps to the App Store and Google Play.

Do I need my own ionic pro account?

Yes, you do.

You can create it here.

We recommend you to get the Starter package if you have less than 100 Live Updates in your Apps and it’s free.

I clicked the One-Click Updates and I don't see any changes, what should I do?
Did you wait 5 mins between each deployment? If yes, please close the app that you have installed, open it again and it should work fine. 

If you have customization, please contact us, we can provide you a quote to bring your apps to the latest version. 

If you have any other issues, please contact us, we will be very happy to help. Click here to contact us https://my.ordering.co/feedback.

Have a great day & start deploying your success.

Sincerely, your Ordering Team 🚀
Cheers 🎉

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