You can easily delimitate where to deliver with this amazing tool. All you need to do is to login as a superadmin or business owner, go to your editor in the section of my stores and open your business you want to configure the delivery zones.

Once you're inside of the business page, just click on the delivery zones button.

By default the demo stores has a whole world delivery zone, you can just deactivate it with the toggle button.

Now you need to add your own delivery zones, just add a name, the minimum order and the price, then click on the add button.

After this, a popup with a map will appear, you can use the controls on the map to zoom in or zoom out, then you can draw your delivery zones as detailed as you want.

After you draw your zone you only need to click on the save button and the delivery zone will be ready.

You can also use the "Circle" option to get rounded ratios to get your delivery zones by miles.

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