To create a business owner go to your Editor and click on "settings" tab, then in the "users" window, write the Name and Email of your Business Owner to create it.


Log In, with Super admin, go to ADMIN AREA, Click on Settings, Go to USERS.

Filter: in this section, we can filter each user, by name, ID or email and thus be able to find it easier.
ID: In this section, you will find the number that identifies the user registered.
Name: In this section, this name will be according on the customer.
Email: In this section goes the email, which the user signed up for.

Now that it is created, we must assign it to the store that will manage it.

Click on Business Owner tab to select the business owner for this store. 

If the doubts have not been solved, watch this video, here we create a business Owner and assign a business for him.

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