Ordering Editor stores, allows you to create all your products to all your business.

Get in the known

The first thing you should do is log in to your website with your Super Admin or Business Owner account. Once you logged, you have to select "My Stores" from the dropdown list that appears.

After selecting "My Stores," click on "Edit" button to access the business that you want to add new products.

Create new product

Select the category that you want to add new products.

To create a new product you need to complete this fields:

  • Product Name: Write the name of the new product.
  • Description: Write the description of the product that you want to create.
  • Price: Write the price of the new product.

After you complete all the fields, click on "Add" to add this new product.

After you add the new product, you need to upload an image. Click on the images field and select the picture that you want to shows on this product.

Edit products

To edit the product that you want to click on "Edit" button.

A pop-up window will appear with the settings about the product that you select.

  • Featured: Select if this product is featured or not.
  • Stock management: This requires purchased the inventory extension
  • Ingredients: You can add or remove ingredients.
  • Product Options: Select if this product has any product option. Read this article to learn more about the product options.

After you complete the configuration to the new product, click to close button.

Add this product to a menu.

To see the new product that you create you need to add this product into a menu.

This video - tutorial will help you better understand how to create a new product.

Use this mode to edit faster and add new products, you only need to copy/paste or write the products you want to add products in bulk.

To delete a product just remove the complete row.

To edit a product just change the text.

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