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Get in the known

The first thing you should do is log in to your website with your Super Admin account. Once you logged, you have to select "Setting" from the dropdown list that appears. 

General Settings

The settings screen shows two options, the first one is to configure the checkout fields and the second is to set the language of your platform.

-Checkout fields

On this popup, you can select the fields that the customer see at the checkout page.

  • This popup shows the name of the field.
  • Turn on the require option if this information is required/obligatory to complete the order.
  • The status, administrates if the customer can see the elements on the checkout page.

-Language Settings

On this option, you can see all the languages that you have available to your website.

  • You can see the name to the languages.
  • Mark the box of the language you want as a default language. You can only set one default language.
  • The enable option allows you to display more languages on your website.

NOTE: You need to purchase the multi-languages feature if you want to your website have support for all these languages.

This video - tutorial that will help you better understand this topic

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