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Are you having an issue with the languages of your site?
For example: "It is showing in one language, but I have 4 activated" or "Why the words that i wrote does not translate to the other languages that I have activated." or maybe "Not All my Businesses are showing on all the languages."

Ok, let us explain a little bit how this works (Y).
You can have all the languages around the world
On your Dashboard, you can see how many languages you have activated; they are showing on the top of your Dashboard on a drop-down list.

When you are editing the texts on your Admin Panel sometimes there are some missing words in all the languages, therefore, some business might not show, because a lack of information, all you need to do to find out is click on the flags to know on which lanugage is the word missing.

1.-Check on the languages which texts are not showing and add it in all the languages, this way the website will show all the information you have on all the languages you need.
2.-Choose just one language to start creating all the demos on your Dashboard, this way all the info will be in the same language.

And that's it, make sure all your customers around the world will understand what you provide.

Note: to Activate or Deactivate the languages please on your Dashboard go to Manage Language Tab.

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