The Control of Orders in your Business is a main factor to take in mind, this is why we have created an easy platform to understand the Status of the Orders, details, delivery zones & all the essential aspects on them.

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To accept an order, assign a delivery man, choose the status of any order, print your bills, those are a few things you can do, in our Ordering Editor.

Let's begin to familiarize ourselves with our tool; then we will tell you what each segment is for.

The Orders are divided into four types.


In this window are the orders that have just been created and waiting to be assigned to a delivery man & accepted for the business owners or we can make the decision "What to do with the order".

In Progress

In this window you will find the orders that have just been assigned to a delivery man and also is possible to follow the delivery process to our client.


In this window are all the orders that were correctly completed.


In this window are all the orders that were cancelled by the user or admin.


 Ordering Panel.

Now we will learn what each instruction in the order panel is for (the same fields are shown in all orders info).

This space serves to filter the orders.

ID: When an order is created, it is assigned an ID, which identifies it, this bar serves to filter or find order by its Number or ID.

SELECT A BUSINESS:  It can also be filtered, depending on which business the order has been registered, you can see then in this drop down

CUSTOMER EMAIL & PHONE: You can search the orders, with the telephone number or mail of the client, in this area.

SELECT A CITY: If you have business in another city, orders can be filtered only to see those of the selected city, you can see them in this drop-down menu.

SELECT STATUS: The status bar will serve to decide the current status of the order, in each segment it is different.

  •  Pending
  • In Progress:
  • Completed:
  • Cancelled:

FROM & TO: Here we can view the orders depending on the dates we would like to see, for example: "Only filter the previous month".

SEARCH & CLEAR:  After filtering we search and filter our information and clear, it will leave our previous selections clean.

Orders List.

#:  Here is the number that identifies the order.
Date: Here is the creation date of the order.
Business: Here is shown in which business this order was made.
Cus.Email: Here is the customer email that made the order is displayed.
City: Here is the city where the order was registered.
Status: Here it shows the current status of the order.
Total: Total price of orders placed.

If we click on any order, it will show us the customer's order in this way.

1.- Order No: This is the order number that was granted to the order
2.- In this section, you can take actions of the order and to select which delivery person will deliver the order.

Status selection.

Driver selection.

3.- In this section, you will find the personal data of the client, such as address, names, or notes that the client makes according to their order.
4.- This section shows information about the restaurant that receives the order, delivery date, type of payment, type of delivery.
5.- In this section it shows the things of the client's order.
6.- Total sum of the price of your products that the customer bought.
7.- Print (generates a digital invoice ready to print).

This video - tutorial that will help you better understand this topic

You can play, with our Ordering Editor Demo, Click right here to learn more.

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