To access this menu you must have logged in as administrator in your Ordering web, this way the Ordering Editor Tabs will show.

In this case we will make this article, with a user DEMO/PRO (One city / unlimited Cities).

And this is our panel of cities.

1.- Country: Here are the countries registered (To change your country simply write on this line).

2.- Filter: This space is used to search one of the cities added(Name, ID, City).

3.- ID: In this space we can see the ID that was granted to the added city.

4.- Name: In this column are the names of the cities added.

5.- Country (5): In this column are the name of the country of each added city.

6.- This line is used to write the name of the city, then the country is added (in this case only this United States).

This Switch Button is used to activate / deactivate the city or the country

We can erase the cities by pressing this icon.

This icon is used to add the city.

If we press this icon we can edit the added city.

(We will open this panel)

1.- Here we write the name of the city.

2.- Here we write the email that identifies the city.

3.- Here we will select the admin( How do I create an administrator?, "city manager").

4.- Here we will select the previously created city.

5.- Here we will select the Time zone of the city.

6.- With this button we will add / save the city.

I hope this article helps you a lot 👨🏻‍💻,we put all our effort to help you out.

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