This option can help you to create pages like "About Us", "Terms and Conditions", "Privacy", "FAQS"

The first Step is create the file, I recommend  you to use our demo template and edit the content.
You can download the demo template here

Note: In case you do not know how to use HTML, you can use this site to do this easily

When you have your file the next step is to upload it to our site.

1.-Go to the Ordering Builder and click on "Edit" to open the Ordering Web Menu.

2.- Select the Developers option and click in the "Custom" tab

3.-Here, you must select the type of the file (HTML or JS) in this case We will use an HTML file and put the name of the new file and "ADD"
Note: The "Clear" button is only to clear the the file name and file type.

4.-When you add the information, the new file appears in a table under the form, here you have two actions, Edit(To change the file name or file type) and Change(To upload the custom file).
Note: You must upload a file to show content in the new file.

5.-To upload the file, click on Change, select the file and UPDATE to save the file in the server.

6.- Now you need to go to the search and replace section (learn more about this section here) and add the next code:

FILE: js/app.js
    url: '/example',
    views: {
        'content': {
            templateUrl: 'templates/custom/example.html',
            controller: 'customCtrl'

Take a look to this video and see the whole process:

Now your page has been created, to have access from your ordering web to your new page, we need to modify the footer learn how to do this step in this article: FOOTER - Edit the content of my footer

The link you must set is this one:

Also, if you do not want to do this annoying task we can do it for you, fill the next form and you will receive a quote in the next 48 hours: 

Ordering Support


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