1.- First of all make sure you already have uploaded your apps to the App/Play Store.

2.- Then you need to create an account in dashboard.branch.io, this third party software is free unless want some specific tools.

3.- Then go to dashboard.branch.io/web/journeys and click on "Create New Journey" button.

      3.1. Fill the "Select Audience" tab.

            3.1.1. Write a name for your app; this name is only to identify the journey inside the branch.io page.

            3.1.2. Select the devices that want to show the banner.

            3.1.3. Click to continue to configure next steps.

      3.2. Fill the "Configure Views" tab.

            3.2.1. Click to set up the banner.

         Click to use the selected template.

         Templates with this icon are not included in the free account.

               This is the name of your template.

               Customize the logo, name, description, background color, to your template. ONCE YOU CREATED THE TEMPLATE CANNOT BE MODIFIED.

               Click to create the template and continue with the configuration.

            3.2.2. Click to continue to configure next steps.

      3.3. Verify the "Validate & Test" tab.

            3.3.1. Click to go to integrate SDK page.

         The code in this page will be added later in the builder.

         Copy this text with 'YOUR-BRANCH-KEY' correctly set.

         Click to go to obtain 'YOUR-BRANCH-KEY'.

               This key will replace to YOUR-BRANCH-KEY, remember not to erase the single quotes.

               Write the name of your App.

               Click to save settings and then exit that page.

                  3.3.2. Click to save changes.

4.- Now go to https://dashboard.branch.io/start/new-users and fill the form.

      4.1. Here you must write the address of your web page. For example: orderingweb.ordering.co

      4.2. Mark as yes the devices you have in the App/Play store.

      4.3. Write the server where your app is allowed.

      4.4. Search your app writing the name and select it.

      4.5. Click to continue.

      4.6. Click to skip these configurations.

      4.7. Now at https://dashboard.branch.io/web/journeys make sure your branch is started.

5.- Now it's time to go to your builder and in your ordering web go to settings and select the third-party tab.

      5.1. Add the code we copied before, and remember that your key is correctly set.

      5.2. Click to update and save changes.

6.- You need to rebuild your website.

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