1st.- You need upload two images to use on the homepage like a button.
Is necessary use two images, is not possible insert two links in only one image.

Download the home-content file to add the images and the URL of the Stores,
this is inside your Builder in the Developers tool.

I recommend use Sublime Text 3 to edit the HTML file.

Note: If you have a custom file here, please download the custom file to make a backup and merge the custom file with the new code.

Open the file and add this code, change the URL of the Stores and save the

You can see how in the following picture

Upload the Custom file, save and make the rebuild to see the result.

As you can see in this video

You can download the images here and the final file here.

Don't forget to clear your cache and history to see the changes, sometimes the browsers save some information that is not there anymore.

Let me know if you need any more help on this.
Have a great Ordering!

Marcos Beltran

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