First, thank you for considering our solution. 

We would like to explain what are the options, pros, and contras about hosting with us and hosting by yourself, we offer all solutions so I am sure we can give you one that can fit your expectations.

We have prepared an F.A.Q. for you.

Can I host the code made by for the desktop version & mobile web-app version with front-end on my own server?

Yes, you can the front-end code of for the web and all other products on our marketplace

Can I host the code first with and then move it later on to my own server?

Yes, you are welcome to host with us for free for as long as you need. In the future, if you want to take the front-end code with you is possible. You just need to purchase the extensions first on the marketplace. 

Can I host the code of the native mobile apps (Ordering, Orders Manager or Drivers App)?

Yes, you can ask for our prices for owning the code the front-end code, just contact our sales agent or send us an email to and you will have your answer in minutes. 

Is your hosting safe? 

Yes, it is. We take care of this because we want to protect also our income (we need to protect our code). Our partners are AWS (Amazon Web Services) and they are amazing. We have servers in the USA, Europe and Asia. Everything with excellent performance. 

Does do any back-ups of our data for safety?

Yes, we do back-ups every day so you are all safe and secure. 

If there is any answer that is not answered yet, please write us to:

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