Yes! We did it again! We´ve innovated the market!

The customization center we offer is a platform where you can share your ideas with other customers of ours and propose them your development desires. This allows you to save a lot of money, get a lot of feedback from other more experienced business people, and especially, you can get to see the ideas of other people and grow your platform even more.

What kind of developments or ideas can I propose to other users? 

Pretty much anything under the normal and usual legal environment. You can propose unique features for your admin panel, a change in your design, a different interface for our native apps, etc. Remember that ideas that can be applied to other markets than yours will be more often accepted funded. 

What are our customers feeling about it?


  • Save up to 99% of the costs of any development 
  • Get feedback from other users
  • Check if your idea is working already in other countries
  • Buy big developments of other people for a minimal percentage of the cost
  • Get advice from other more experienced users
  • Get informed about new great ideas in other countries
  • Get to know other really cool people like you

How does it work? How can I join?

Step 1: Become a customer of now has become Ordering Co

Please go here and purchase any of our packages, you will get your installation in less than 24 hours.

Step 2: Create an account on and upload your real profile picture

Please go to and create a free account, then send it to us so we can add to the customization center. Shoot us an email so we can let you in!

Step 3: Start sharing your ideas, participate in other project or buy other´s developments! 

You are set to go, now you can start teaming up with others and you will be able to save thousands of dollars in developments!

I hope you can benefit from this platform that we have created for you. We know that working in team always takes you faster to success. 



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