We know not all businesses are the same. We also know many companies are innovating a certain market and they need some tweaks to differentiate themselves from they competitors, we have created a FAQ for our customization service so you are well informed. 

  • Which products can we customize for you?

We can customize our website front-end and back-end. We can also customize any of our native apps (Ordering App, Orders Manager App and Drivers App, both platforms iOS and Android)

  • How to get a price quote for your wishes

Please send your custom work requirements here within a DOC (.doc, .pdf or any other) with a list of your wishes like:

1.- I want B to be in page C like X,Y and Z.

Important: *Please include screenshots of how you image the changes so we can know what you expect and what we need to do. The more specific you are the less the price will be. 

  • When do I get a quote after I have sent the email?

We take usually less than 24 hours from Mo - Fr if it is Sa or So then you will have at 8 AM on Monday in your email inbox

  • Why develop with us and not with your own developer?

We have many advantages:

  1. We are faster
  2. We are the creators of the software
  3. We have excellent designers
  4. We will fix any bug for free
  5. You can use our free support forever
  6. We give you logic advises so your business is well planned 
  • How much does the hour of design or development cost? 

The cost is $39 per hour.

  • What happens with my customized features and creations when we want to update/upgrade to a newer version of the software?

If this is your case please contact us, we will re-quote your features and put them back to your new version. We are going to take a lot of less time because the features have been already created they just need to be readapted. 

  • What happens if I want to customize the code myself and what about your support after the code has been changed by me?

Like any other product guarantee, our guarantee gets broken or is no longer active after you have modified the original product. If you need support after you have made changes to the by yourself then we have to quote all bug fixes per hour. Cost per bug fixing per hour for non-virgin systems: 33 USD 

If you have any other question write us over the live chat or send us an email, we will reply to you right away.

Always at your service


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