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Creating multiple websites

By using our system/script, any user can create multiple websites of its own, by using a single script, so that it can help the customer to expand its Business easily.



Creating multiple restaurants/business

By using our script any user can open multiple restaurants into our script, so that his/her customer can order from various restaurants easily, from one platform.Creating restaurants is unlimited for this script,by adding new restaurants in the business it increases its value for the customers and easily catches the attention of the online customers, also by creating multiple restaurants it also facilitates the customers to order from different restaurants all to Web sites for Multiple Local Stores,Online Food Ordering (Just Eat,GrubHub Clones),Catering Services (Trending),Delivery companies (Doordash, post mates clones) (Trending),Groceries and Recipes Delivery (Trending),Franchises.



Online ordering

 Our script is totally based on online ordering system, so that the customers can order online by sitting at home, office or from any places easily and can avail easy delivery services into their doorsteps.

Multi-delivery system 

In our script, we provide multiple delivery services to our customers so that the customers don’t face any problems to get delivery, and also in time.


In our script, we provide pickup facility to our customers after placing an order online from some particular restaurants.

Auto search for its desired business, as per your location/zip code

In the auto search, the customer can search for its own restaurants in his/her own present locality...so that he/she can have the services easily.

Efficient delivery management through Delivery Dashboard

Another unique feature creation by ordering. Which, makes your delivery management easier than before. As my delivery panel, you can manage, assign and track your delivery agents live on a map, like what we can see on Bringg.com, but as compared to bring, its way to better & efficient regarding managing your drivers like an expert, with ease.

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