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What is a GPRS/SMS Printer?


The GPRS Printer solution is based on the GPRS data traffic. The printer uses a DATA SIM card to connect to a DATA network with a telecom operator such as T-Mobile, Vodafone or O2. We have also teamed up with our partner company "Wireless Logic" to provide you with the DATA SIM cards to go with these devices.

The device uses data to communicate with the website and the device to check orders; if there is a new order, the device will retrieve the information and process it accordingly and convert the markup data to one complete order. The devices can also provide feedback the confirmation of the order via GPRS connection to the website server in order to update the website database with the order status.


SMS Printer is a small, handy and standalone device that can receive and print SMS (data packets) sent to it. It is customized to receive and print orders (data packets/information) in a remote location via the GSM network (SMS). SMS-printer is suitable for restaurants or takeaways, dispatcher, taxi service, delivery service (the list being not exhaustive). It is typically needed when an order is placed via SMS.

The printer operates when an SMS is sent to the remote location using any mobile operator in the world to place an order request. For example, the Printer can be used to enable your restaurant to quickly and easily accept orders via an SMS application from your customers. When an SMS is received to the GSM printer it has the functionality to process the order and can reply back the status message to the designative server via SMS. The status message verifies that the order has been successfully placed to the designated organization. The process involved in SMS printing can be listed as below: Customer places their order via SMS. The server then forwards the order to the SMS Printer located in the restaurant kitchen. Restaurant acknowledges and prints the order and specifies an optional delivery time. The customer receives the acknowledgment of order and the expected delivery time. Note: The printer can receive an SMS message sent to it in any format, however, it performs better when it is sent from an application, whether through a mobile or a web application agreed by you.



                      >GT5000S                                        >GT5000W

                      >GT6000S                                        >GT5000S-Special

                       >GT5000                                          >GT6000SW


Step 1: You need to purchase a printer model from the list shown above.
Step 2: Then you need to get the extensions " GPRS Printers" from our marketplace as optional, to receive your business orders on their GPRS printers and confirm directly from there.
Step 3: Then you need to do some settings as shown here.
Step 4: You're all set to receive orders on your printers live.


If you need to use any other models apart from what is already listed, Please send us a request with your printer details, so that we can help you quote the exact cost required to integrate that on your system.

(Our printer model is suitable for our ordering website as well as for our
 ordering native app)

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