Welcome to our pre-sales information! We are very happy that you consider using our software.

We have done a little summary about the strongest benefits you get while working with us. So to say, this is a good review of our qualities that we can offer you. This is also a review of all advantages we can give you and which you will not have with other providers. 


We are not just service providers we see ourselves as technology partners of your company. Please read what our existing customers say every day about our support, how they express they love & gratitude back - Check our Twitter Channel here! 

  • We have real live customers working with our software

Because our software works and because we have a good customer service many people are using our software to make a lot of money every day. You can check all the cases here. 

  • Free support service for questions

If you have any questions while working with our software, you can always write our support service and we will answer within minutes, this gives you the security that your business needs.  Check here how much people love our support service, you can see the daily thanks and love our customers gives us. 

  • Free support service for bug fixing

All kind of software created worldwide have bugs and we are aware of this. We are 100% responsible for the bugs that are in our software that is why we offer a free bug repair service that you can use anytime you need. We will repair any bug within 24-72 hours from 9 AM - 5 PM MEZ. With us, you are all covered.

  • Free Live chat assistance 

If you have any question and you do not want to wait for the reply of our support team, you can always come to our website and ask our live agents for help. This is especially helpful when you are setting up your platform.

  • Free help to set up your platform

We know the first steps can be difficult that is why we offer live chat assistance and email support for all your first steps, we also offer amazing tutorials that will help you run your software smoothly. 

  • Multi-store platform

Our software is not only an e-commerce software, our software is a complete multi-store software, this means, each vendor has their own shop and administration side. Plus all users can look for the correct vendors by giving in their location, any type of term or area. You will be amazed of how well we have thought about everything. 

  • We offer native Apps for Businesses, Customers, Drivers, Single Business & Ordering BOT.

Mobile native apps are a must nowadays, we have prepared them and created them or you. We have apps so businesses can accept, reject orders and much more. We have apps so your customer can place their order and of course, we have not forgotten about the importance of drivers. The Driver Apps are also available for purchase. Apart from this, we have now introduced our single business app, so you can provide each of your business a separate app for ordering.Last but not the least, we have now our Ordering BOT ready to use, which can make your online users relaxed when ordering. Know more about our Ordering BOT from here.

  • Integrated with many payment gateways

The biggest payment gateways are already working with our software, for ex.: Paypal, Authorize.net, Stripe and so much more, if you more info ask our sales team and we will give you an exact list. 

  • Develop your own features & design

We know you have very good ideas and we know also you maybe have your own development team that is why we have made everything which is needed so you can develop your own features and ideas on our system. You have access to all parts of the code to create your own capabilities and design. 

  • Created since 2012

We have been working on this branch since 2012 and we have a good idea now after so many years of what our customers expect from us. You can be sure, we will be doing our best every day to keep you happy. 

  • Free hosting 

With us you do not have to worry about hosting, you can relax and let us take care of that topic. Do you want to know if you can host the code on your own server? we have the answer here.

  • We can develop new features and a new unique design for you

We can customize any part of your system, including our native apps. For this, we need you to create a DOC with all your wishes, and we can give you a quote in less than 24 hours. We offer a life-time-guarantee for bug fixing. This means we will solve all bugs that appear until the end of life for free. No extra costs. 

If you have any questions about any point we have explained here, please let us know, we are sure we have more information for you.

We hope to see you running our software very soon! 

Best regards, 


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