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I am glad you are here learning some more about how to use, test & improve the performance of your App.

Here I am going to show you how to add your new iOS device for testing your Apps in less than 5 minutes.

1.- The first thing to do, is getting the UDID of your device.
Learn it on this quick Link How to get my UDID

2.-Now that you have your UDID, let's go to your Developer Apple Account and get in your Devices

Here you will see all the devices you have currently for testing the Apps

3.- Click on the "+" button to Add the new UDID you just got in the previous steps

4.- Now Register the New device with the Name you prefer and the UDID you have on the Device

5.- After the UDID was Added, let's go in the Provisioning Profiles tab and look for the Adhoc that has been assigned to your App.

If we created we added the legend "Adhoc" at the end of the App, if this is not there and you added it please remember how you named it

6.- Edit & Add the new Device that you need.

  • 6.1 Click on Edit
  • 6.2  Add the New device you just registered
  • 6.3 Download the newest Adhoc you just created

7.- Add the new Adhoc in your Key Store files in the App you need this to be, be sure that the Adhoc's and the Apps are matching.

Example, Ordering App Adhoc is for the Ordering App Only

  • Go in Build > Key Stores > iOS > Choose File (Select the new Adhoc)

8.- Build, Test & Have a great Ordering!

Just click on the "Build Test" & read the new QR code for your Apps with the new iOS device.

I Hope this works for you as it has been working for us this long time

We keep improving for you
If you need any help with anything, do not hesitate in contacting us

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